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      The Humanities are the academic disciplines that study human culture and the world, both in the present and the past. The Humanities also promote a spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of pupils through our varied curricula.

      In Key Stage 3 the Humanities Faculty teaches Geography, History, Religious Studies and Lifeskills (PHSE and Citizenship) as separate subjects. In Key Stage 4 the Faculty offers a variety of qualifications; GCSE Geography, GCSE History, GCSE Religious Studies, BTEC Travel and Tourism and BTEC Health and Social Care. The Faculty has twelve staff and the Director of Study is Mr Di Paola. Each department is led by a Subject Coordinator; Mrs Rasul (History), Mrs Woodhouse (Life Skills), Mrs Hopwood (Religious Studies) and Mr Di Paola (Geography).

      The Faculty is responsible for a wide variety of KS3 extra-curricular trips and activities such as the Shine friendship group (Year 7), the Humanities Film club (Years 7-9), Fairfield goes to Manchester (Year 8), Fairfield Faith Day (Year 9), Dovestones field trip (Year 8), Quarry Bank Mill visit (Year 8), International Slavery Museum visit (Year 7) and the Humanities Reward trip to the Pearl Restaurant. In KS4, a variety of activities are organised to meet the needs of pupils. For example; visits to local care homes and hosting nursery children for BTEC Health and Social Care; visiting tourist information centres, travel agents and local attractions for BTEC Travel and Tourism; data collection visits into Droylsden and a field trip to the Lake District for GCSE Geography and the Year 10 Democracy and Internet Safety Day for KS4 Life Skills.


      ​Year 7:

      The Disaster World - Plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes

      World Knowledge - Atlas skills and the map of the world

      The Map World - O.S. map skills

      The Weather World - UK weather, extreme weather and flooding

      Year 8:

      Urban Issues




      Rivers and Flooding


      Coasts and Erosion


      Development and Economic Activity


      Climate Change


      Year 9: GCSE Geography (AQA) – 3 year course


      Living with the physical environment - (a) Challenge of natural hazards and (b) The Living World


      Challenges in the Human Environment - (a) Urban issues and challenges including fieldwork unit (Regeneration of Sportcity)


      Year 10:

      GCSE Geography (AQA) – 2 year course

      Living with the physical environment - (a) Challenge of natural hazards and (b) The Living World

      Challenges in the human environment - (c) Challenge of resource management and (a) Urban issues and challenges Including fieldwork unit (Regeneration of Sportcity)

      ​Year 11:

      GCSE Geography (AQA) – 2 year course

      Living with physical environment - (c)  Physical landscapes in the UK including fieldwork unit (changing river profile)

      Challenges in the human environment - (b) The changing economic world

      Geographical applications - (a) Pre-release booklet



      Year 7:

      History Skills Unit

      Local History in the Moravian Settlement and multicultural Britain

      The Middle Ages 1066-1500

      Tudors 1500-1603 (Henry VIII and religious changes)

      Year 8:

      ​Tudors 1500-1603 (Queen Elizabeth I)

      African Americans including the slave trade and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement

      World War One 1914-1918

      Year 9:

      ​World War Two 1939-1945

      GCSE History Course starts in January 2018: Medicine Through Time c.1250 to present day

      Year 10:

      ​Edexcel GCSE History - 2 year course

      Thematic Study and Historic Environment: Medicine in Britain c. 1250 to present day including the British Sector of the Western Front, 1914-1918 focusing on injuries, treatment and the trenches. ​Written examination: Paper 1 - 30% of the qualification.

      ​British Depth Study: Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588. Written examination: Paper 2 - 40% of the qualification.

      Year 11:

      Edexcel GCSE History - 2 year course

      Period Study: The American West c1835-c1895. Written examination: Paper 2 - 40% of the qualification.

      ​Modern Depth Study: Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939.  ​Written examination: Paper 3 - 30% of the qualification.


      ​Religious Studies

      Year 7:  The Island

      Introduction to RS

      Birth Customs

      Codes for Living

      Sources of Authority



      Year 8:

      What is good and what is challenging about following a faith?

      Spirituality (including Spirited Arts competition)


      Year 9:

      ​Peace and Conflict (including Arts and Minds competition)

      Freedom Writers/Remembering the Holocaust

      What can we do about refugees?

      Return to the Island

      ​Year 10: Edexcel GCSE Specification B - 2 year course

      ​Matters of Life and Death

      Crime and Punishment

      Religious Beliefs

      Marriage and Family Life

      ​Year 11: Edexcel GCSE Specification B - 2 year course

      ​Peace and Conflict

      Living the Religious Life



      Life Skills

      ​Year 7:

      Transition - Settling into Secondary School

      MYRIAD .B Course - Mindfulness Programme

      Citizenship - Demoncracy

      Bullying (including E-Safety)

      Health and Hygiene (including Puberty)

      Drugs - Smoking


      Personal Finance

      Health and Safety

      Year 8:

      ​Sex and Relationships Education (including HPV Vaccination)

      Child Sexual Exploitation

      Careers (including Step into the NHS competition)

      Drugs - Alcohol

      Citizenship - Local Council and Community

      Personal Finance

      ​Year 9:

      Careers (including Options)

      Personal Finance

      Drugs - Cannabis

      Sex and Relationships Education (including STIs)

      Human Rights

      Government and Politics

      Year 10:

      ​Drugs (including Legal Highs)

      Wellbeing (including Mental Health and Mindfulness)

      Sex and Relationships Education (including Female Genital Mutilation)

      Careers (including Work Experience, CV Writing, Applying for Jobs)

      ​Year 11:

      ​Careers (including College Applications)


      Personal Finance

      Wellbeing (including Mindfulness)


      ​BTEC Level 2 First Award in Travel and Tourism

      ​Year 10:

      ​Unit 2 - UK Travel and Tourism Destinations

      Unit 1 - The UK Travel and Tourism Sector

      Year 11:

      Unit 4 - International Travel and Tourism Destinations

      Unit 5 - Factors Affecting Worldwide Travel and Tourism


      Year 10: ​BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Health and Social Care


      ​Year 11: BTEC Level 2 First Award in Health and Social Care



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