Fairfield High School

      Website Instructions

      Website Templates

      Template Description
      home This is used for the homepage.
      content This is used for all content pages.
      detail This is used for search results, sitemap, blog articles and calendar event pages.
      login This is only used for the login page/login. This has login/logout fields on it.
      web-admin This is used for all administration pages e.g. useful-links
      browser-support Only used for the /browser-support page. This is shown to people using IE8 or below.

      Homepage :


              Portal links are editable from this page: /Portal

              Mega Menu

              The maximum number of pages in the first level of the menu should be eleven. If you add more, the menu items will fall on second row.

             The mega menu link in the header can be updated via the text feature on the following admin page: /Menu-Administration. On every first level item of the menu you can set the image and the link you would like to be displayed.


              Quicklinks should contain an image  and a link. The proper styles will have effect when exiting edit mode.

              Accreditation logos

              The accreditation logos can be edited from this page: /accreditation-logos 

              USEFUL LINKS

              Links from this section can be  edited on the following page: /Useful-Links

              Important Notice

              The important notice pop-up can be edited on the following admin page /Important-notice.

              You can activate this pop-up by adding  a custom class:  'sws-page-notice'  to your content. If there is no 'sws-page-notice' class, the pop-up won't display.


      Content Template


            In order to change the photogallery default image overwrite the image from the folder: '//fluencycontent2-schoolwebsite.netdna-ssl.com/FileCluster/FairfieldHighSchool/MainFolder/default-banner/default-banner.jpg'. Please, don't change the name or the image format.

            The content-template uses the photogalery as background image. If you want to add images to the photogallery, you can add it in the admin slideshow box. When you overwrite the default image the changes will propagate on content pages and other pages which use other template than 'home-template'.

              BANNER IMAGE

             The banner caption can be updated via image caption from the section where you add your images. These images must be 1300px (width) x 700px (height).


      In This Section