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A Proud History

Fairfield High School is over 200 years old and has seen many changes. It owes its existence to the Moravian Church, a Protestant body originating in the 15th century, in what is now the Czech Republic. The Moravians believed it was their Christian duty to educate the young and ran schools for boys and girls.

In 1796 Sister Mary Tyrrell opened a small girls' boarding school. By 1881 the school had moved to the former Sister's house (now the Moravian College). In 1906 they moved to the present main buildings. By this time Fairfield was gaining a reputation for academic excellence, as the Honours Boards testify.

After the First World War, Fairfield became a grammar school and changed to a comprehensive school in 1979. We are now an 11-16 Academy, providing a high quality education for 975 girls.

In September 2004, as part of the Specialist Schools Programme, we became a Science College. Although we promote and encourage the role of women in our fast-moving, science-based, technological society, we continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum.

Fairfield High School


At Fairfield, the Governors, Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and Staff work together within a tradition of care and service to promote the highest academic standards for all our pupils. We have very high expectations of behaviour and appearance reflecting excellent standards in the classroom.

Fairfield High School


Fairfield High School for Girls is an outstanding school. This was confirmed by our January 2013 Ofsted inspection. All groups of students make outstanding progress because of outstanding teaching.

"Outstanding teaching results in outstanding learning."

All students have a high regard for their teachers; they enjoy lessons and follow carefully the very helpful advice and guidance given by their teachers. The behaviour of students in and outside of the classroom is exemplary. Their excellent attitudes help them to learn extremely well.

"...excellent progress made by all."

The Headteacher's commitment and determination to improve the school are shared by staff, students and parents. Senior Leaders and the governing body rigorously pursue excellence.

Latest performance tables give Fairfield the highest 'Value Added' – the progress pupils make from KS2 to KS4 – in the whole of Greater Manchester.

In January 2013, the Minister of State for Schools congratulated Fairfield on its outstanding GCSE performance, and said that the progress made by Free School Meals pupils was amongst the top 100 top performing schools in the country.