Staff and Governors

Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher and Principal Finance OfficerMr B Hesketh
Deputy HeadteacherMrs S Bateman
Assistant Headteacher (Data, Specialism, 14-19 & Community)Dr J Beckett
Assistant Headteacher (Continuing Professional Development, Quality Assurance, Teaching & Learning)Miss F Lealman
Assistant Headteacher (Student, Welfare & Guidance)Miss J Mawdsley
SLT Associate Leader (currently on Maternity Leave)Miss J Fisher
Senior Leadership Team is supported by
Senior Administrative AssistantMiss A Eyre
School Business ManagerMr J Moran
IT ManagerMr J Rowland
Director of Progress for Key Stage 4Mrs J Marlow
Director of Progress for Key Stage 3Mr M Williams
Progress Co-ordinator, Year 11Miss N Hannible
Progress Co-ordinator, Year 10Mrs M Clough
Progress Co-ordinator, Year 9Mr J Rhodes
Progress Co-ordinator, Year 8Ms A Walkden
Progress Co-ordinator, Year 7Mrs A Powell
Attendance & Inclusion ManagerMrs M Clough
Attendance/Pastoral Support OfficerMrs J Murphy
Learning & Teaching Intervention Co-ordinatorMiss L Dey
Learning & Teaching Intervention Co-ordinatorMiss S McGregor
Learning & Teaching Intervention Co-ordinatorMrs K Moore
Learning & Teaching Intervention Co-ordinatorMr K Prudham
Learning & Teaching Intervention Co-ordinatorMrs C Smith
Director of Pledges & Graduations, Years 7 and 8Ms S Eason
Director of Pledges & Graduations, Years 9 and 10Mrs L Harvey-Kuczaj
Director of SMSC & Promoting British ValuesMrs R Rasul
Careers & Work Related Learning Co-ordinatorMr I Johnson
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinatorMiss L Dooley
Subject Leaders
Acting Director of Study - EnglishMiss F Lealman
Director of Study - English (currently on Maternity Leave)Mrs L Plant
Director of Study - MathsMrs V McCormick
Director of Study - ScienceDr A Cahill
Director of Study - Art, Design & TechnologyMrs R Owen
Director of Study - HumanitiesMr A Di Paola
Director of Study - ICT/Computer ScienceMrs E Rowland
Director of Study - Modern Foreign LanguagesMr I Devine
Second in Modern Foreign LanguagesMiss C Derrett
Director of Study - Performing ArtsMr P Blaylock
Second in Performing ArtsMrs J Gallagher
Subject Co-ordinator - Art & DesignMr P Evison
Subject Co-ordinator - Business & EnterpriseMrs L Pickford
Subject Co-ordinator - DramaMrs J Gallagher
Subject Co-ordinator - Geography/Travel & TourismMr A Di Paola
Subject Co-ordinator - HistoryMrs R Rasul
Subject Co-ordinator - Life SkillsMrs P Woodhouse
Subject Co-ordinator - MusicMr P Blaylock
Subject Co-ordinator - Religious StudiesMrs J Hopwood
Subject Co-ordinator - Physical EducationMrs R Watson
Subject Co-ordinator - Product Design/STEMMrs K Pearson
Faculties & Teaching Staff
Acting Director of StudyEnglishMiss F Lealman
Director of Study (currently on Maternity Leave)EnglishMrs L Plant
Lead Practitioner for EnglishEnglishMrs Z Ashdown
English Co-ordinatorEnglishMrs A Simpson
English Co-ordinatorEnglishMrs C Stewart
Teacher of EnglishEnglishMrs H Dempsey
Teacher of EnglishEnglishMiss L Dey
Teacher of EnglishEnglishMiss L Dooley
Teacher of EnglishEnglishMs S Eason
Temporary Teacher of EnglishEnglishMrs P Hollinshead
Teacher of EnglishEnglishMr M Knowles
Teacher of EnglishEnglishMrs J Marlow
Teacher of EnglishEnglishMrs C Smith
Teacher of EnglishEnglishMr W Thompson
Teacher of Media StudiesEnglishMrs J Marlow
Teacher of Media Studies (currently on Maternity Leave)EnglishMrs L Plant
English MentorEnglishMr M Bennett
Director of StudyMathsMrs V McCormick
Lead Practitioner for MathsMathsMiss E McIver
Maths Co-ordinatorMathsMiss J Hutchinson
Maths Co-ordinatorMathsMr J Kettle
Temporary Teacher of MathsMathsMrs B Akerele
Teacher of Maths (currently on Maternity Leave)MathsMiss J Fisher
Teacher of MathsMathsMrs M Hill
Teacher of MathsMathsMiss C Mills
Teacher of MathsMathsMr K Prudham
Teacher of MathsMathsMrs M Searle
Director of StudyScienceDr A Cahill
Science Co-ordinatorScienceMrs N John-Charles
Science Co-ordinatorScienceMiss G Moss
Teacher of ScienceScienceDr J Beckett
Teacher of ScienceScienceMr J Blackbourn
Teacher of ScienceScienceMrs D Davenport
Teacher of ScienceScienceMiss J Mawdsley
Teacher of ScienceScienceMr J Oles
Teacher of ScienceScienceMr J Rhodes
Teacher of ScienceScienceDr S Roberts
Director of StudyHumanitiesMr A Di Paola
Subject Co-ordinatorGeography/Travel & TourismMr A Di Paola
Teacher of Geography (2016-2017)GeographyMr S Bateman
Teacher of Geography/Travel & TourismGeography/Travel & TourismMiss S McGregor
Subject Co-ordinatorHistoryMrs R Rasul
Teacher of HistoryHistoryMiss C Ridehalgh
Teacher of HistoryHistoryMrs C Smith
Teacher of Religious StudiesReligious StudiesMiss F Lealman
Subject Co-ordinatorReligious StudiesMrs J Hopwood
Teacher of Religious StudiesReligious StudiesMrs A Powell
Subject Co-ordinatorLife SkillsMrs P Woodhouse
Teacher of Life SkillsLife SkillsMrs L Harvey-Kuczaj
Teacher of Life SkillsLife SkillsMiss J Mawdsley
Teacher of Life SkillsLife SkillsMrs A Powell
Teacher of Health & SocialHealth & SocialMrs K Pearson
Teacher of Health & SocialHealth & SocialMrs L Harvey-Kuczaj
Teacher of Health & SocialHealth & SocialMs A Walkden
Director of StudyArt, Design & TechnologyMrs R Owen
Subject Co-ordinator - Product Design/STEMArt, Design & TechnologyMrs K Pearson
Teacher of Product DesignArt, Design & TechnologyMr I Johnson
Teacher of Food TechnologyArt, Design & TechnologyMrs J Middleton
Business & Enterprise Co-ordinatorArt, Design & TechnologyMrs L Pickford
Subjector Co-ordinator - ArtArt, Design & TechnologyMr P Evison
Teacher of ArtArt, Design & TechnologyMiss K Chappell
Director of StudyICT/Computer ScienceMrs E Rowland
Teacher of ICTICT/Computer ScienceMr A McCormick
Director of StudyModern LanguagesMr I Devine
Second In Modern Foreign LanguagesModern LanguagesMiss C Derrett
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesModern LanguagesMrs S Bateman
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesModern LanguagesMrs T Flattery
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesModern LanguagesMrs C Goldthorp
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesModern LanguagesMrs K Moore
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesModern LanguagesMs A Walkden
Teacher of Modern Foreign LanguagesModern LanguagesMr M Williams
Director of StudyPerforming ArtsMr P Blaylock
Second in Performing ArtsPerforming ArtsMrs J Gallagher
Subject Co-ordinator - Physical EducationPerforming ArtsMrs R Watson
Teacher of Physical EducationPerforming ArtsMrs J Loney
Teacher of Physical EducationPerforming ArtsMiss M Wilkinson
Director of SportPerforming ArtsMrs J Dolan
Subject Co-ordinator - MusicPerforming ArtsMr P Blaylock
Teacher of MusicPerforming ArtsMiss E Higton
Subject Co-ordinator - DramaPerforming ArtsMrs J Gallagher
Teacher of DramaPerforming ArtsMrs A Simpson
Learning SupervisorMrs M Jones
Learning SupervisorMrs K Skyrme
Administration Support AssistantMrs B Bradbury
Administration Support AssistantMrs L Redwood
Administration Support AssistantMrs B Rice
Data & SIMS/Examinations OfficerMrs R O'Connell
Administration Support Assistant & LibrarianMrs A Mutter
ReceptionistMrs L Cheetham
Reprographics TechnicianMiss E Mooney
Data Support Assistant & Senior Examination InvigilatorMr D Orrett
Learning & Behaviour Support
Key Stage 4 Learning MentorMiss N Hannible
Key Stage 3 Learning MentorMrs L Knowles
Assistant SENCOMrs E Askew
Learning Support & CEIAGMrs G Chaudhry
Teaching AssistantMrs C Blackbourn
Teaching AssistantMrs F Durand
Teaching AssistantMrs D Graham
Teaching AssistantMiss C Heeney
Temporary Teaching AssistantMiss K Hughes
Teaching AssistantMrs N Marson
IT TechnicianMr G Hardman
IT TechnicianMr M Hurst
Food Technology TechnicianMrs J Byron
Senior Science TechnicianMrs C Williamson
Science TechnicianMr S Jones
Technology TechnicianMr P Carr
Facilities & Estates
Facilities ManagerMr P Chadwick
CaretakerMiss G Holt
Domestic SupervisorMrs S Jackson
CleanerMrs T Bratt
CleanerMiss F Burgess
CleanerMrs D Cox
CleanerMrs T Edwards
CleanerMrs B Hughes
CleanerMrs G Johnson
CleanerMrs R Lockwood
CleanerMrs C McGee
CleanerMiss M Neary
CleanerMrs C Quirk
CleanerMrs L Stansfield
CleanerMrs M Woodhouse
Midday Supervisors
Midday SupervisorMrs T Bratt
Midday SupervisorMrs D Cox
Midday SupervisorMrs T Edwards
Midday SupervisorMrs S Jackson
Midday SupervisorMiss M Neary
Governing Body
Member & DirectorHeadteacherMr B Hesketh
Member & DirectorChair of GovernorsMr R Lingard
Member & DirectorVice Chair of GovernorsMr P Shackleton
Member & DirectorCommunityMrs B Derbyshire
Member & DirectorBusinessMrs B Worthington
Director (Member Appointed)Post 16Mrs L Richards
Director (Member Appointed)FinanceMr A Sever
Director (Co-opted)CommunityMrs S Birtles
Director (Co-opted)CommunityRev P Cooper
Director (Co-opted)CommunityMrs A McGarry
Director (Co-opted)PrimaryMrs H Weston
DirectorTeaching Staff GovernorMiss K Chappell
DirectorTeaching Staff GovernorMrs R Rasul
DirectorSupport Staff GovernorMiss A Eyre
DirectorSupport Staff GovernorMrs A Mutter
DirectorParent GovernorMr T Doyle
DirectorParent GovernorMr N Gallagher
Governing BodyCompany SecretaryMrs J Murphy
Responsible to Fairefield HS
Churchills CateringMr J Farrell
Responsible to Fairfield HS
Careers OfficerMrs L Barnett