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We are incredibly proud to share our Provisional Progress 8 figure for 2022 of 0.59. The challenges of the pandemic mean it is not as straightforward as previously to compare school performance, since different regions and areas may have been impacted differently by Covid-19. However, despite facing their own challenges, Fairfield pupils once again made truly outstanding progress.

The hard work, skill and dedication of Fairfield staff and the support of their families who work with us mean that pupils leave us with the very best life chances. Our well-planned curriculum, high quality teaching and supportive and inclusive pastoral care contribute to our best ever outcomes, allowing Fairfield pupils to thrive as they move into their further study and careers.

Fairfield High School for Girls continues to support pupils of all abilities and backgrounds. More than one third of all grades achieved last year were at the highest level, Grade 7, 8 or 9, ensuring that pupils who join us with high prior attainment, and others, continue to excel. Pupils considered to be ‘disadvantaged’ achieved a Progress 8 score of 0.55, proving that ALL pupils make almost equally brilliant progress in our care. Our high expectations and aspirations for ALL pupils regardless of background, prior attainment or SEND is evident in all we do and proven by our consistently high outcomes for all pupils.


School Uniform

We fully understand the economic hardships being faced by members of our community as a result of the current national cost of living crisis.  

If any parents/carers are struggling with the cost of purchasing school uniform, please contact school regarding second-hand uniform via the following email address: admin@fairfieldhighschool.co.uk  

We will then contact you to discuss the situation and to offer what support we can.  We are here to help.


GCSE and VTQ Results - Class of 2022 - Consistently Outstanding

Following consistently outstanding results in recent years, we, the Trustees and staff at Fairfield High School for Girls are very proud to confirm that the Class of 2022 have achieved extraordinarily well in their examinations this year! Despite the challenges that pupils and staff have faced, they have secured truly excellent results. Performance is, as always, well above average and particularly strong at the top end.

Since 2019 (the last year of external examinations due to Covid-19), the number of Grade 9s achieved by Fairfield pupils has doubled to over 100! The percentage of pupils achieving the Grade 4 (standard pass) in Maths and English required to access most courses for further study has increased to 84%. Pupils from all backgrounds and of all ability levels have made outstanding progress across the curriculum.

Pupils have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results and we are so very proud of what they have accomplished. Fairfield staff developed and delivered a knowledge-rich and well-sequenced curriculum with outstanding teaching quality. First class intervention and support post-Covid means that pupils can move on to their next chapter with a strong set of results to evidence their achievements at Fairfield. This complements the personal development they have experienced as part of their journey with us.

Congratulations to every single pupil on their efforts and dedication. Our very best wishes to you for the brilliant future that lies ahead. We have every confidence in your ability to succeed and we are sure you will use your achievements as a springboard for success.

As always, thanks must go to our committed staff, supportive families and friends for all the help and guidance they have provided over the past five years.

Well done Team Fairfield!

For further information about support available to pupils, please click here.

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Please contact us using this link if a member of your household tests positive for Covid-19.


"All groups of students make
 outstanding progress
because of outstanding teaching.



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