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Learning and Teaching

At Fairfield we provide our pupils with expert teaching so that they develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum. We teach pupils to think deeply and to build their schema of knowledge of the curriculum. Effective long-term learning is focused on understanding the full complexity of substantive and disciplinary knowledge within a subject.

We use a framework for teaching and learning that we refer to as ‘The Fairfield Expert Teaching Cycle’. In the drive for expert teaching, the following stages are evident over a sequence of learning:

Explanation – so pupils acquire new knowledge and skills.
Modelling – so pupils are shown, and know what to do with their knowledge.
Practice – so pupils can demonstrate, and move towards, independent learning.
Questioning – so pupils think with depth, misconceptions are identified and learning is assessed.
Feedback – so pupils know what steps to take to achieve excellence

These stages of learning are underpinned by five principles evident throughout the learning cycle:

Challenge – so pupils have high expectations of what they can achieve.
Long-term memory – so pupils retain their learning of the curriculum.
Literacy – so pupils can access the curriculum and read, write and talk about their learning.
Differentiation – so all pupils learn the curriculum and their needs are met.
Behaviour for learning – so pupils have a supportive environment for learning.


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