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Leavers Poem 2021

F  is for Fairfield, your family to date, what a journey we’ve been on since we met in Year 8.  Some teachers have changed, some form tutors too, but I’ve been here the last four years with you. 

A  is for the ambition that you have started to show. Your tutors have helped you, that can’t be denied, their support has been vital as they have stood by your side.

I    is for independence, which is what you all crave.  But remember, this doesn’t mean that you should just go out and rave.  Be mindful of the decisions that you will make, as many will judge the path that you take.

R  is for resilience, now this one is hard. Your mind may not be focussing but that’s still okay, remember to get up, dress up and show up, as Miss Lealman would say.

F  is also for the friends that you have made on your way.  The girls who have made Fairfield the place where you want to stay.  But remember, Year 11 that friendships can change and the friendships that were once familiar, may start to feel strange. Don’t let this bother you, take it as a chance, to meet new people, who you can go out with to dance.

I  is also for interests that you can now find, you don’t need to do something that you feel is a bind. So all those excuses I heard you say, can now be replaced with fun every day. 

E   is for everything the world has to share. Make the most of opportunities, take risks and dares. There is so much to see, in countries afar, so put on your rucksacks and follow the stars.

L  is for learning, now this is where you will grow, as you find all the answers you wanted to know. Make sure you absorb all the relevant stuff, and be clear and shout loud when enough is enough.

D  is for doing all the things you want to do.  But be careful what you wish for, you don’t want to get in a stew. My last words of advice, please listen and take heed, because one day soon, you may just need. Your face is just a mask but it follows you around, so wear a huge smile, and make sure you are proud.

So with that I will wish you the very best, you can now leave Fairfield and enjoy a short rest.

I’ll hear from some of you, that’s a sure bet, we are the A team, that’s definite because we are all Cloughettes’.

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