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Year 6 Transition

We are delighted that you have chosen Fairfield as the school for your daughter in September. Our aim is to create a smooth, stress free transition from Primary to Secondary school.  Our induction programme has been running for several years and we believe that it helps the children settle into their new school as quickly as possible. On this page of the school website are details about the coming year. Should you have any queries or concerns please contact us via email at admin@fairfieldhighschool.co.uk.





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School Gateway

School Gateway is the parent portal (app and website) made by Schoolcomms, that provides a single point of contact that allows parents to receive messages, pay for items including school meals, conduct reports and other information about your child from school and react to those notifications free of charge. The following video explains how to install and use the School Gateway app for communication with school.

Y6 Parents SchoolComm information with audio.mp4

Primary Visits

The Head of Year 7 supported by the Student Support Team would normally, at this time of year, have visited the majority of pupils who are joining us in September 2021.  Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, this has not been able to take place.  Although Year 6 transition is different for parents, carers, pupils and schools this year, please rest assured that we are still working closely with Primary Schools to ensure that all of our academic and pastoral information is as up-to-date as possible so that we can support your daughter in September.


Miss Mawdsley and Mrs Marlow share key information regarding Year 6 transition. 

Staff at Fairfield High School for Girls recite the poem 'New Beginnings. 

Three Year 7 pupils talk with Mrs Knowles about what it is like being a Year 7 pupil at Fairfield.

Year 7 form tutors welcome new Year 6 pupils

Allocation of Tutor Groups

There are seven tutor groups in Year 7 (from 7A to 7G) and we allocate pupils to tutor groups with a great deal of care and consideration.  Our intake comes from a large number of Primary schools and we use the following guidelines to allocate pupils to forms:

  • In the same form as at least one other pupil from their Primary School or at least one other pupil specified by the pupil or Year 6 teacher.
  • If one girl is the only pupil from that school then she is placed in a form with at least one other pupil in the same position.

If you have informed us of any special requests with regard to your daughter’s form we will take these into consideration. We will also discuss friendship groups with our Primary Schools and take their recommendations on board. Please note that although we try our best, we can not meet all parental requests and the final decision will rest with the Headteacher.


At Fairfield we have high standards of uniform and appearance. All pupils are expected to wear full school uniform and to maintain a neat and tidy appearance.
In order to maintain such high standards, parents/carers are asked to co-operate with the school in making sure that their daughters come to school correctly dressed.The uniform is outlined in detail in the pupil Fairfax but it generally consists of a navy blue pullover, pale blue blouse in Upper School and pale green blouse in Lower School. Either a navy blue pin-stripe skirt or navy blue pin-stripe trousers (regulation design) with plain black shoes (no flashes, stripes or logos). More...


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Transition Information Booklet

The following Year 6 Transition booklet has a wide variety of detail regarding the school to prepare you for September.

Year 6 Pupil Booklet

We have sent the following booklet to all Year 6 pupils to complete over the Summer holidays.

School Prospectus

Please find the school prospectus below:

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